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Daily Blog

Read the latest news from Panglao Island on a daily basis. 

20. September 2017:
Test setup with 2x8el Xpol went well last weekend. We heard some good signals off the moon even in a very noisy environment at the QTH of DL8FBD. Our signal was up to -12dB at PA9DX with app. 800 Watt at the circular feed point. Thats promising even that the 2×8 Xpols show rather poor RL (just -17.4dB at 144.150). There’s more to do with fine tuning later since best RL is at 143.560, kinda strange. Next step will be testing of the 2x32el. Xpols for 432.

Testing 2x8el Xpols







RX4CQ/6 peaking -21dB Vpol














27. August 2017:
Relay box incl. preamps finished and working, image shows box with 144 preamps. For 432 we just have to replace the preamps, thats all.
Feedlines measured with VNA and finished.
75 Ohms feedlines for circular TX measured wit VNA and finished for 144 and 432.
Antennas build and checked.

Relay and preamp box for 144 and 432 MHz.




















20. July 2017:
Received individual licenses with all the stamps and tax fee sign. 🙂

17. July 2017:
After HamRadio fair in Friedrichshafen we’ve got almost all parts together. Bought a lot of stuff there.

11. June 2017:
All flights are booked and confirmed and so is the QTH on Panglao Isl..